Media Appearances by Lisa

Lisa Ryan at the Cleveland Disrupt HR event.

Sasha Talks with Lisa Ryan can also be listened to here.

Sasha Laghonh interviews Lisa Ryan for “Moving Mountains with Sasha” radio show.

See Lisa’s interview with Tracy A. Hanes of Business Innovators Magazine here.

Melin Isa interviews Lisa about using speaking to grow your business or create a professional speaking business on Planning Your Leap radio

Aditya Jaykumar interviews Lisa on his “My Seven Chakras” radio show.

Lori Peters of “Happiness Hangout” and Lisa Ryan chat about the power of appreciation.

Lisa Ryan is awarded “Corporate Event Speaker of the Year” in the Connectors Choice Awards. Hear her acceptance speech here.

Ron Rosenberg interviews Lisa Ryan on his “Business Owners Survival Kit” program.

Lisa is a featured expert on the MindBody Network.

Lakeland Community College’s Small Business Symposium features Lisa Ryan as the opening keynote speaker.

The Stow Sentry covers Lisa Ryan’s program for GriefCare Place’s Blooming Brunch

CBC Magazine’s Connections edition features Lisa Ryan’s article, “Don’t Hold Back in Dismissing the People Who Hold You Back

Lisa Ryan is the featured guide and “Cover Girl”  for Life’s Journey Magazine.

Voluntary Benefits Magazine publishes Lisa Ryan’s article, “Smile Your Way to Success

Texas Healthcare Trustees brings in Lisa Ryan as the closing Keynote at their Administrative Conference.

Corporate Wellness Magazine features Lisa Ryan’s Article, “Start with Good People.”

SAP Business Innovation highlights Lisa Ryan’s Blog post, “6 Steps to Create the Life You Want

Doug Johnson interviews Lisa Ryan on the Business of Life TV show.

Lisa Speaks at Board Docs – eGov Live

Lisa Ryan speaks to the Ohio Funeral Director’s Association.

Dreams Inspired Here shares Lisa Ryan’s blog post on “Finding the Good in Every Situation

Lisa Ryan joins Brian Tracy and John Assaraf as Celebrity Authors

Phaedra Hise interviewed Lisa Ryan for her article in American Express Open:  “Why Giving Thanks Could Be Your Most Cost-Effective Business Strategy

Mike Byam of Terryberry interviews Lisa in “Harness the Power of Gratitude for Success in Life and Business

Lynnis Woods-Mullins and Lisa Ryan talk on Praiseworks for Wellness Woman Week

Suzanne Strisower and Lisa Ryan talk about “Living Life on Purpose

JJ DeGeronimo and Lisa Ryan talk about Leveraging Gratitude to Advance Your Career

Lisa Ryan is a guest on #Tchat – the largest Twitter community for HR professionals

Superbowl Quarterback Joe Theismann and Lisa Ryan talk about the power of gratitude

COSE Update Magazine features Lisa Ryan, Spirit of the Season:  How to Show Your Employees Appreciation for the Holidays

Karen and Salma interview Lisa Ryan on “Go Beyond” Teleseminar:

Peg Stookey invited Lisa Ryan on Right and Ready Radio show to talk about gratitude

Lisa Ryan is interviewed by Jean Victoria Norloch and Rick O’Shields on Everyday Connections.

Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio talks to Lisa Ryan to find out more about the power of gratitude.

Find the 2013 5 Thank You’s a Day Gratitude Challenge on Pinterest

Lisa Ryan is on Pinterest with a variety of Gratitude and product info

Lisa Ryan is featured at in “Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Lisa Ryan and Iron Jen McDonough talk on her radio program. You can hear How to Create Engaged, Loyal Clients Through the Power of Appreciation.

Lisa Ryan is featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Maintaining a Positive Attitude on the Job

Teri Mrosko featured Lisa Ryan in her article “Practicing Forgiveness in the Workplace

Karen Kawolics and Lisa Ryan chat on Mind, Body and Spirit TV.

You can see a glimpse of Lisa Ryan on Shaw TV after the red carpet premiere of the Gratitude Experiment in Calgary, AB.  Lisa is at about 2:30 in the clip.

Lisa Ryan is interviewed by Larry W. Robinson by Google Hangout video.  Check out  “Discover the Hidden Secrets to Your Success”

Lisa Ryan discusses Grategy(R) on Conversations Live. Listen to the interview at Conversations Live Radio with Cyrus Webb

Lisa Ryan talks with Peg Stookey on Right and Ready Radio. Listen to the interview at Peg Stookey on Right & Ready Radio Interview

Jerry Lopper of Purposeful Growth reviews The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude. Read the review here.

Spirituality and Practice reviews The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude. Read the review here.

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude makes the Top Ten

Best Selling List for Self Published Books on Outskirts in June 2012

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude press release at

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude is on Amazon

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude was reviewed by Jori Reijonen, PhD on Read it here

Lisa Ryan was interviewed by Chris Tye on Channel 3 on June 1st about her 5 Thank Yous a Day Gratitude Challenge. See it here

Outskirts Press is now promoting The Upside of Down Times:Discovering the Power of Gratitude.

Smashwords has Lisa Ryan’s author page for hank You Notes: Your 30 Days of Gratitude Workbook here

Mike McIntyre of the Cleveland Plain Dealer shared a Tipoff on the 5 Thank Yous 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Check out Robin Jay’s comments on Lisa Ryan’s role in the movie, The Keeper of the Keys.

Lisa Ryan was interviewed by Karen Kawolics on Mind, Body and Spirit TV on Gratitude in the Workplace. See the interview here:

On January 4th as Lisa Ryan was interviewed by Bill Dueease on his radio show.

Lisa Ryan and Laura Vobornik were interviewed on Channel 5 News. Additional Footage of the interview as well as an extra clip with pictures from the Red Carpet are also on the site. See the link here

Scenes from the Red Carpet premiere of The Keeper of the Keys were put on Michelle Pajak-Reynolds website. Michelle created the beautiful earrings I was wearing: See the pictures here

“The KEEPER of the KEYS” Movie Trailer

Starring Jack Canfield, John Gray, Marci Shimoff, and Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan was interviewed by Diane Helbig on her radio show on November 28th. Listen here

Lisa was interviewed by Kathy DeLong on the “My Beautiful Home” Radio Show on WAKR. Click here for details.

The Keeper of the Keys Movie featuring Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, John Gray and LISA RYAN!

Premiering on December 8th in Las Vegas

Lisa was interviewed by Yemi Akande on WJCU radio for her show: Making the Case. Hear it here:

A short video clip and article on Cool Cleveland has Lisa Ryan talking about her Bliss Event talk on Gratitude.

Lisa was interviewed by Jordan Burress for the Cleveland State University Alumni Blog. Check it out here:

Lisa was interviewed by David Lee and the interview was posted on his “Whatever Life Brings” website. Here iss the link:

We had so much fun with Charles Eduardos the first time, he had us on again. Here is Catherine and Lisa being interviewed by Charles Eduardos on his Transformations Radio show.There’s a bit of a pause before the recording starts, so be patient!

Lisa and Catherine are interviewed by Charles Eduardos on his Transformations radio show. Listen to it here:

Lisa made the front cover of the Metro Section in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as she was volunteering as an “Elf” for the Tour of Good Cheer.

Blog article written by Patty Sadallah about Lisa Ryan:


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